Lightbox Play Activities

I’ve decided to purchase a lightbox after looking at the many possibilities of play ideas & activities that I can have with my kids. The lightbox gives me a chance to explore the different forms of manipulatives.

“Manipulatives are an integral part of a preschool classroom. These are toys perfect for encouraging fine motor skills as well as introducing simple math concepts such as patterns, matching, seriation and classification.” (extracted fm

Alhamdulillah we’ve managed to purchase this light box at a discounted price from a bulk purchase organized by a mummy through UaP – Playdates & Playthings page. I’ll make it a point to have at least 1 lightbox activity in a week.

Below are some of the things we did. Need to be cautious though, by limiting time spent playing on the lightbox…too much and too long of an exposure to light may harm our eyesight =)

I diluted some paint in ziploc bags for the kids to doodle. Sofiya practices writing letters & hijaiyah hurufs through this technique too.


I don’t believe that you need to spend much for kids to enjoy play. I’ve picked up the technique of using scraps through scrapbooking (a hobby i picked up a few years back). Hence, what better way can we use the ‘unwanted’ materials than to convert them into manipulatives for our play activities! We used the translucent cups – extras from Sof’s b’day party to build our make-believe castle. Sofiya loves stacking them up while Zaky brings it down!


These plastic containers (above) are actually erasers’ packaging (pretty erasers distributed to Sof’s classmates as part of her goodie bag items & mummy collected the plastic containers to be used as counting trays).  In the pic, Sofiya tries to sort the buttons into its size – big & small. Zaky helped Sofiya to count the buttons.


I was searching for colored water beads but found these instead. These are plastic decoratives I found at Daiso ($2 per pack) its all worth it! Used it to outline shapes for them to recognize & can also be used as ‘counting stones’. You can also use it to outline alphabets or hijaiyah letters.

Got this pack of toys for free when we bought Sof’s Enfagrow’s formula milk. Finally found its place…rightfully on our lightbox! These plastic plates have different images printed on it and we can stack it up to form other objects.

Found this site: through a recommendation from a UaP mummy. For those with lightboxes…try these out!

For those without one, fret not there DIY steps to create your own lightbox (try asking the daddy to help out?) You can refer to this link:



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